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Axerta is the investigative agency that defends companies and organizations from injustices through legal, technological and intelligence tools.

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Axerta Protect intervenes to protect the strategic assets of companies from competitors' incorrect behavior or defaults and stakeholders' violations of agreements.

  • Customers diversion and anti-competitive practices
  • Intellectual property and royalties' theft
  • Industrial espionage
  • Patents and trademark infringement
  • Non compete agreement breach


The areas we

Axerta conducts investigations and corporate investigations for businesses and companies. This allows to obtain certain and irrefutable evidence that will be collected in an investigative dossier that can be used in court. The dossier will be delivered to the client as the final output of the investigative activity.

Axerta HR conducts company investigations aimed at demonstrating the illegal behavior of employees. Thanks to the investigative dossier, evidence will be available to confirm the validity of the suspicions and defend the client’s rights in court.

  • Abuse of permits under Law 104
  • Aliunde perceptum inspection
  • Employee absenteeism
  • Fake injury or illness
  • Dismissal for theft

Axerta Labs merges experience in investigations with technological-scientific skills, to offer expert witness in judicial cases. Strengthened by this specialization, it works to guarantee the security of information through reclamation activities.

  • Digital Forensics
  • Fight against industrial espionage
  • Reclamation activities
  • Wiretapping

Axerta Xybercheck combines IT skills and investigative method into the cyber investigation activities. This is the reason why we have the expertise in defending companies from cyber threats to guarantee data and digital security.

  • IT and cyber incidents
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Penetration Test

Axerta Forenxis is born from Corporate Investigation that meets auditing and financial analysis skills and it became technical consultancy and investigation in the fields of accounting, financial and administration.

  • Forensic accounting
  • Forensic Due Diligence
  • Fraud management & litigation


Definition of the investigative scenarios

The conditions for conducting an effective and determining investigation are not always available: Axerta's first task is to collect all information to evaluate the opportunity to proceed and to protect the client's rights during the investigative process.

Axerta has been synonymous with innovation in the investigative sector since 1963

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Definition of the path of inquiry

Each investigation requires a tailor-made strategy and the path of inquiry must be built from time to time based on initial information, needs and purposes. For this reason, before receiving the assignment, Axerta gives customer a pre-project in which they can find details of actions, costs, timing and expected results.




Field works

Axerta's core business are field investigation activities, conducted with maximum awareness and expertise and constantly updated on the legal framework. These are Axerta's guarantees of legality.




Investigation proceeding's supervision

Axerta entrusts each investigative process to a supervisor who coordinates the various investigation areas, each one chaired by a Dossier Manager. The supervisor has the goal to verify that all actions are coherent with the investigative strategy and the initial goal. The supervisor is also in charge of keeping the client constantly update on the developments of the investigations.


Tools to safeguards the rights

At the end of the investigations, our lawyers and legal experts will deliver to the client a report integrated with images, videos, and so on. This document is essential to demonstrate customers’ reasons and safeguard their rights and it can be used for this purpose in any venue, even in court. It is the only way to make all the previous work effective and useful.



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